• 31May

    PDE4NPD researcher wins BSP poster prize

    Seven Poster Prizes were awarded at this year's BSP meeting in Dundee.  Titilola Kalejaiye won the best student poster prize of £100 for her poster "Evaluation of phosphodiesterase as potential...

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  • 03Jan

    PDE4NPD and the European Lead Factory team up: parasite PDE up for ultra-HTS against 450,000 compounds

    With help of the European Lead Factory, the PDE4NPD project takes the next step towards developing novel drugs against kinetoplastid parasites such as Trypanosoma brucei, the causative parasite of...

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  • 23Aug

    PDE4NPD at EFMC International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry

    Several members of the PDE4NPD consortium will be presenting at the XXIV EFMC...

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  • 10Aug

    One drug for three killer diseases?

    One compound might be able to treat three neglected diseases: Chagas disease, leishmaniasis and sleeping sickness. 

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  • 03Aug

    Stop the snails: control of snail hosts critical to schistosomiasis elimination

    A study reports that successful Schistosomiasis control programs over the past century relied, at least in part, on reducing the freshwater snails that are an essential host in the parasite life...

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  • 01Jul

    CDD News: GSK’s Kinetoplastid Research Data Set Available FREE Within CDD Vault

    In an effort to fuel open-source research and drug discovery in Kinetoplastid diseases, GSK Tres Cantos and CDD have assembled three Kineto Boxes containing 592 New Small Molecules.

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  • 20Jun

    Cutaneous Leishmaniasis sweeps across the Middle East

    Research published last month in PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases has found that cutaneous leishmaniasis is sweeping across the Middle East as a combination of heavy conflict and a breakdown of...

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  • 20May

    PDE4NPD Vacancy: Experienced Computational Chemist

    IOTA Pharmaceuticals is looking for an experienced computational chemist to develop a new drug design platform to support its drug discovery programs. The position is funded from the EU Framework...

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  • 14Apr

    PDE Toolbox plays a central role in parasite drug discovery and PDE biology

    Last March, the PDE4NPD project submitted a very important deliverable: the PDE toolbox. The toolbox is a physical and virtual database with reference PDE inhibitors, DNA expression plasmids, and...

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  • 07Apr

    Four NTD consortia from the FP7 HEALTH call gather at a Synergy Meeting

    On June 15 and 16, the four consortia from the FP7 HEALTCH call on neglected tropical diseases will gather at a Synergy Meeting in Modena (Italy). The four consortia are: Antiparasitic Drug...

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